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"Have you ever looked at a popular anime and said, "wow, this looks great, but its so long! I can't do that!" Or, better yet, "Man, I love this specific, long anime, and love the memes that only we, the people who caught up, can appreciate"? Well, look no further! Introducing, "Wun-Pete", a meme-worthy retelling of a classic story! Join Loothy, the guy who's gonna find Wun-Pete, as he travels across the oceans in search of his goal. With a little help from his friends, he's gonna get there, no sweat! Trouble is afoot, however, and he'll need to avoid it as much as he would a hole in the chest! Try Wun-Pete, 9/10 shitlord weebs recommend!"

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Appropriate for readers age 15 and older. May contain moderate violence, mild profanity, graphic imagery and/or suggestive themes.

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