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Who's behind the project?

Prysm Comics is a passion project which promises to bring

the same or better quality comics and products as the big companies,

and for a better price!

 Everything you see here is done by us, Star C. "Shaybabe", Hope S., and Zilsux. That includes the comics, games, stickers, posters, art, writing, etc. All from the comfort of an intergalactic space ship, on a simple old couch, a drawing tablet, and a unholy amount of coffee. 

Want to help out? Check out the Patreon! Get extra content like BTS, Full HD artworks, HD versions of all the comics, unreleased content, etc.

You'd be helping us afford keeping the lights on in this old-ass ship, and the coffee machine running!

Can't help by becoming a Patreon? Just share our stuff! It's Free! 

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-A little space skeleton, the artist behind the comics. He is always busy, and waiting for Star's and Hope's suggestions. While captain of the ship, it's hard to tell if he's the one in control.


-Also knows as Shaybabe, Star is a very edgy buff goth girl with an attitude. She takes all the decisions that represents progress, ignoring the logistics or the cons. When you see Zilsux grinding 24/7, you can thank her for bullying him to do so. On the side, she also works on the more NSFW projects. As a pyromaniac, she is not allowed to have any flammable materials.


-A very gentle and understanding girl with an caffeine addiction. She works with logic and love. From suggesting rest, to making sure no one focuses on financial gain over the result. Hope is the sweetheart of the ship, and the one responsible for those cute animal arts and merch.

So...Who are we exactly?



As an early teen, Zilsux finds himself drawing in his space notes while drifting through space, mostly recreating pictures from reference, when one day, He crates his first original character. This is what later would come to be Ninoshka (Nina) Azalea.

With this, The Prysm Comic Universe is officially born.



After the creation of the first OC, Nina, Zilsux

meets Star, after finding her floating in space, after the collapse of a star. This gave her the name Star C.(Collapse), which results in the inspiration and creation of very creepy and complex characters.

Between these characters where the first versions of characters from Coloras Vivifica, and Corpsehall.


During 2015 , Zilsux kept drawing along Star, After drawing another brand new character, They decided to write an extensive backstory for it. This became the Character Zenalth and the first iteration of Coloras.

Unknowingly, This would become the first comic in Prysm Comics

history. Made by hand with a cheap eraser and a mechanical pencil.

This comic is currently not available for the public, but kept safe.

During the end of 2015 Zilsux meets Hope after the ship ran out of fuel due to Star's addiction of watching things burn. (She was burning paper rolls on the bathroom for the hell of it for months now). Hope was wondering around the planet we decided to look for fuel in, alone, clueless, but giving a shinning smile, and most importantly, and mysteriously, the knowledge of the whereabouts of fuel. This earned her the name Hope S. (Shinning). This led to further experimentation, including adding colors to works, and a more cute interpretation of characters and their interactions with each other... And of course, a quick growth of characters.


Zilsux starts intercepting Digital Graphic Design tutorials coming from old radio waves emerging from earth.

During this time, A digital version of Ninoshka Azalea is drawn, along a digital drawing of the Coloras Vivifica protagonist, Buttons. Her Style being Star's idea, and colors being Hope's idea.

They would also create a new character based on the story Coloras, named Kronaltas and created the second comic in Prym Comics history under that same character's name. This time using a new medium, a mix between Alcohol Markers and regular markers (We are still unsure how Hope is able to find these out here).

This new medium would mark the bases for Prysm Comics artistic style from that point on.

buttons (Sword)_edited.jpg


The team creates new characters and fixes current ones, while at the same time committing to a more aggressive art practice schedule, drawing other types of art and fanarts as practice, but still keeping the artwork unique and original.

During this time, the quantity of created characters surpasses the 100 mark. Hope decides to remove unneeded characters from stories to lower the number of unique characters.

With a more comprehensive scope, the story for each character is revisited and written.

Many character designs begin to change depending on the story.

This will be a recurring event and a Prysm Comics unique touch, where characters are molded and shaped by the story, in a way, making the story the main character, and the characters under it, the result.


Prysm Comics is officially created. Soon after two comics are made.

South Knights #1, South Knights #2, and South Knights #3 where planned to be the beginning of the Ninoshka Azalea story, but at the end, only the first 2 of the planned 3 where released. 

Star kept pestering about how the artwork was too ugly and the story too messy, something even Hope agreed with an extent. The rest of the year was spent in making the artwork cleaner and in fixing the story.

This would make the two released issues, non canonical, in preparation for the real release of Ninoshka's story under the name "Tranquility Bay"


Prysm Comics hits the ground running.

The first 3 Issues of Tranquility Bay are released, making it sells online and getting praise and amazing reception between readers. 

Merch like stickers and bookmarks are released between issues.

Hope starts designing her own designs based on cute chibi animals, which are prepared and sold as stickers, bookmarks, and more. starts offering free digital versions of each Issue.

Thanks to the good reception and praise, Prysm Comics gets ready to officially go to the public light and join indie comics events.

Tranquility Bay #2_001.jpg
Tranquility Bay #2_008.jpg
Tranquility Bay #2_010.jpg
Tranquility Bay #3_001.jpg
Tranquility Bay #3_006.jpg
Tranquility Bay #3_007.jpg


Tranquility Bay #4 and #5 are released, a long a brand new Comic called VoltBoy.

Thanks to Hope, The sticker merch increases to new highs and with amazing reception.

During this year, Prysm Comics takes part in 3 Public events, in which Star

decided on a very important decision. The booth's mantel color.


The events participated on where:


- La 3ra Feria de Comics

-La 4ta Feria de Comics

-P. Motorsport event 2022.

Tranquility Bay #4_001.jpg
Tranquility Bay #4_003.jpg
Tranquility Bay #4_004.jpg
Tranquility Bay #5_001.jpg
Tranquility Bay #5_003.jpg
Tranquility Bay #5_004.jpg


Tranquility Bay #6, #7 and #8 are released, A long a new recompilation book of Issues #5 - #7.

The sticker merch keeps increasing, and new Star starts getting hands on with the merch, creating merch like Tarot Cards.

Also, during this time, Star starts a new NSFW Game, which is released with great reception and popularity.

Due to this success, Hope also decides to create more merch like Magnets, Keychains, and more.

During this year, Prysm Comics takes part in 2 Public events:


-La 4ra Feria de Comics

-La 5ta Feria de Comics

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Tranquility Bay #8_001.jpg
Tranquility Bay #8_004.jpg
Tranquility Bay #8_007.jpg
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