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If you are having trouble with your own comic book related production or creation, Prysm Comics will help you out with the printing and creation of merch related items, for no costs.

 You must be the only and lone creator of the comic property, this includes being the writer, artist, letterer,  flatter, colorist, and the sole creator of any other processes in the creation of your comic.

Please add a link to your proof files, this can be your copyright registration, or proof of character concept art, story concept art, etc. If your story includes extra elements, please include proof for them as well. All your files remain private and you hold all rights as provided by US Copyright law. Do not upload any file, artwork, text, or otherwise, that does not belong to you. Copyright proof might be required in future steps. THIS IS NOT FOR THE FILES TO BE PRINTED, enter a link for those in the following boxes.

Prysm Comics, Zilsux, might contact you directly via phone call to proceed with your request. A zip code is required to check the validity for shipping and handling, Please Note that we will not ship outside US territories. Any packages sent will be sent under the name provided in this form and can not be changed. Signed confirmation might also be needed upon delivery to avoid any bad actors.

Prysm Comics reserves the right to deny any service depending on the type

of content  and information supplied. Number of prints will be chosen

and discussed upon approval.

SUBMISSIONS ARE FULL! (11/10) Try again later, or contact Zilsux for

information on your submission status/number.

This forum updates automatically.

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